Will the market rise or fall?

Do you know if the market will rise or fall in certain situations.

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The bank of Canada announced that it would cut interest rates. Will the USD/CAD go up or down?

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A new economic data report shows that industrial production in Japan has decreased significantly from last year. Will the GBP/JPY go up or down?

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It is forecasted that the retail sales report in Canada will show an increase. The report comes in and show an even larger increase. What will happen to the USD/CAD?

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A large government corruption scandal us uncovered in Mexico. What will happen to USD/MXN?

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The US president talks to the press and complains about the dollar being too strong. Will USD/JPY go up or down?

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The prime Minster of the UK announces that the referendum on whether UK should leave the EU will happen sooner than originally promised. What will happen to EUR/GBP?

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Global oil prices are falling but OPEC decides not to cut production. With the USD/RUB go up or down?

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An economic survey of US businesses is to be released tomorrow and the forecast is that it will reveal strong growth. The report comes out and while it shows growth, it wasn’t expected. What will happen to the EUR/USD?

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If the unemployment rate in Australia has been falling for months. New Zealand’s economy has been moving sideways what do you think will happen to AUD/NZD?

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If there is news of a terrorist attack in the UK, what will happen to the GBP/USD?

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Do you know if the market will rise or fall in certain situations? Take our short test and see if you know if the market will rise or fall!

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