How long have you been trading for?
3 years
How long did it take you to become profitable and how did you become consistent?
2 years to become profitable and to become consistent was due to all the failures and learning but the main thing was risk management.
What trading methods do you use? Elaborate on your trading style.
My trading style is pretty basic I take my trades when a candle has closed,so on daily candle ill wait for the candle to close before I place a trade. I only take continuations and reversal patterns I use bollingerbands and use 100 50 round numbers as 100 round numbers being stronger in support or resistance. Bollingerbands give me direction of price, in a continuation setup in an uptrend I will look for a retracement to the middle bollinger and look for a daily bullish candle to give me that continuation of the upside trend and thats were I will look for round number to protect my trade with a stop loss.
What has been your biggest hurdle to overcome?
What has been your best moment in your trading career?
Being able to identify trade setups and them pulling through in a positive
Why did you choose Forex Traders UK?
Forex uk have a good not good but excellent customer service all questions ask are answered honestly, dashboard is excellent to monitor trades there rules regarding evaluation or instant funding is pretty excellent for any new trader to adopt to which it makes a trader at ease when trading not thinking have I done this or that wrong did I violate my account. I think the way they have there risk for traders is good because its also teaching me to be even more disapline which helps you stay in the game longer the time limit for the level 1 90days is very good were not rush for time. Able to hold trades over the weekend is what I like and news. so these are pressures that a trader doesn’t have think about. You get credentials pretty fast so thats what I liked.
What would you say to other traders starting out with Forex Traders UK?
I say take your time to understand the rules, be patient keep risk small because they give enough time to reach your target and enjoy the process and journey with forex traders uk
What are you goals long term in trading?
I like to become full time fund trader with forex traders uk

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