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Risk Management Quiz

Do you understand risk management in trading?

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Most traders make a mistake of trying to fit their stop loss to their desired position size instead of fitting their positions to their desired stop losses.

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The following are rules for setting stop loss levels

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The common mistakes made by traders when setting stops are

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Which of the following is not among the four methods of setting stop loss?

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Most of the traders have only focused on how much they can make out of a trade and have ended up placing their stops losses anywhere which puts their accounts to a greater risk.

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Which of the following is the odd one out when calculating position size?

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Why is it always hard for many traders to set stop loss orders?

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How do you set a stop loss for a buy or sell when trading forex?

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The value of a currency pair is in the

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The act of setting the right amount of units of a currency pair to buy or sell is

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What is a stop loss?

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Why should you have a stop loss on your trade?

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Do you know about risk management in trading? Take our quiz and see if you know basics of risk management.

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