How long have you been trading for?
3 years
How long did it take you to become profitable and how did you become consistent?
It took me 3 years of study and practice to be profitable and I became consistent thanks to the strategy I built in the last few years.
What trading methods do you use? Elaborate on your trading style.
Generally it is only technical analysis, my strategy focuses entirely on the study of the chart taking into consideration areas of high demand, minimums, maximums, candlestick language etc. I usually mark the area that for me has a high concentration of demand and depending on how the price touches the area I open a trade. I manage the loss / profit ratio very well making sure that my profits are always three times higher than my losses.
What has been your biggest hurdle to overcome?
Myself. It is very hard to discipline yourself, to follow your own rules and not to violate them by following your emotions. There have been some really tough times where I almost gave up on seeing that I couldn’t make progress.
What has been your best moment in your trading career?
Realize that I have built a profitable and constant strategy and consequently have an alternative way of having an income.
Why did you choose FTUK?
It was suggested to me by a friend and so far I have found the company very serious and willing to help the customer with anything. The thing I like is that there are rules. Basic rules that a disciplined trader should already have. The target milestone is decent as well as the maximum losses that can be made.
What would you say to other traders starting out with FTUK?
I would say that it is the right place to invest if you take trading seriously, especially if you already have advanced knowledge and a good strategy.
What are you goals long term in trading?
My goals are to improve the strategy, maybe try new ones, be more profitable and consistent.
Feel free to share anything else with us!
I would like to thank you for the opportunity given.
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