€12k Instant Low Risk


Instant funding amount: 3,000
Profit target: 300
Absolute drawdown: 5%
Maximum trading days: 180 days

Which Platform?

We execute all trades through EightCap, you can choose the program that fits you. EightCap is an award-winning broker with some of the most competitive spreads in the market enabling you to trade major forex pairs from zero spreads.

MetaTrader 4™ by

MT4 is the preferred choice for most traders.

MT4 is the desired option for most traders. It’s the trading benchmark and a superb platform for managing your trades and using automated EA systems.

MetaTrader 5™ by

MT5 has access to more stocks & equities.

MT5 has access to more instruments. While MT4 users have access to about 90 individual instruments, MT5 provides access to a larger library and an evolved interface.

Trading platforms administered by regulated broker   

All our funded accounts come with a fixed equity stop out level. Once the account equity level gets below this fixed stop out bar, we will close all running trades and disable trading and access. The stop out level is a fixed value for each funding level, this means that any profit which has been made by the trader increases the loss allowance.

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