Test your basic forex knowledge with our simple trading quiz!


General Forex Quiz

Rank your basic forex knowledge with our simple trading quiz!

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What is a Pip?

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Which is the most traded in forex?

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What is the Non Farm Payroll? (NFP)

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Traditionally what is the main use for GOLD?

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A doji candlestick is …

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Which currency has the highest correlation with the oil prices?

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What is the bid price?

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What is a full bearish gap?

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What does it mean to ‘go long’ in trading?

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For the currency pair GBP/USD, which is the base currency?

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The average score is 75%


Trading is such a simple yet complex world. Every time you take a new pathway or learn something new, there is always a challenge to overcome. With many traders quitting early due to mental roadblocks it’s often a good idea to refresh yourself with the basics. See how you get on with our quiz and rank yourself!

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