Forex Trading UK. FX trading without capital.

We will fund you with a capital of no less than £1,000,000

Forex Trading UK offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate your Forex trading skills, and to actually earn money by trading. You don’t need any capital; we will provide you with an investing capital of up to £1,000,000. This means that you don’t need large sums of money and you are not risking any of your own funds. Above all, you are able to generate a very lucrative income, just with your trading skills

How does FX trading with Forex Traders UK actually work?

Trading without capital
Forex Trading UK is always searching for excellent trading talents to provide our capital. When you prove to have the needed skills, we will fund you with a capital of no less than £1,000,000. This means you can start trading today, without needing any capital upfront.

No demo challenge
We do not require any personal information other than the fact that you are 18 years or older. We don’t require any information regarding your education level, nor any information about your past experiences or employment status. Your past does not concern us because we only consider your skills as a trader. You do not need to pass any initial examination or challenge to demonstrate your skills. We will immediately fund you with a capital of £10,000 to £70,000 and we will let you demonstrate your skills, as we put a great deal of trust in all of our traders.

Result based evaluation
We analyse your performance and your trading style. In this manner, we are able to understand what we can expect of you. Once you prove that you can handle a certain amount of money, and show us that you are able to earn money, we will automatically put you into a higher tier, which will allow you to trade even more capital.

When you continue to show us that you can consistently earn money with FX trading, we will finally fund you with capital of up to £1,000,000. This means you could potentially make trade agreements of up to £10,000,000 to £30,000,000.

100% risk free
Above all, FX Trading with Forex Traders UK is 100% risk-free for you, as we cover all of your losses. We absolutely understand that FX trading can be full of risks. Small losses can always occur, as long as you know how to manage risks, and you should be able to learn from possible setbacks. Even when you manage to climb and manage a trading capital of £1,000,0000, we will continue to take on all of the risk. However, the idea is always to lose as little as possible!

50% profit share
We split your profit fairly: you get 50% of all the profits you generated. As a compensation for the risk of our capital investment, we take the other 50% of your profits. It is simple as that, no more, no less. Like this, you are able to generate a substantial income stream from nothing, just with your trading skills. Therefore, with Forex Trading UK, it is possible to earn money online without any capital at all.

Easy enrolling

You can easily enrol yourself with Forex Trading UK. You can choose from 8 different profiles to start with, depending on your trading style. We require a small set up fee to set up your account, which will cover expenses and possible losses. This is only a small investment when you consider the potential for profit along with our risk-free proposal.

If you wish, you can start with a higher seed capital. This will be no problem at all, and as we insure possible losses, this will result in a slightly higher entrance fee.

this will result in a slightly higher entrance fee.

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Trading style

Low risk










What does the trading process look like?

Trading with Forex Traders UK is simple. We have some rules and targets, and when you comply with them, everything will go smoothly and you will automatically grow in our leader board. Our trading process consists of 7 steps:

  1. Trading Budget
    We establish a trading account for you through our broker, and you receive immediate funding. This is 25% of the sum you chose when you enrol. When, for example, you enrol as an Expert for a budget of £40,000, you immediately get a sum of £10,000 at your disposal (instant funding).
  1. Profit Target
    We look at your profit target, which depends on your trading style. When you are a low-risk trader, we demand a profit target of 10%. We appreciate aggressive traders as well, and because of the higher risk, we also demand a higher profit target of 25%. Based on a budget of £40,000, this means as a low-risk trader has a profit target of £1,000, and for a high-risk trader it is £2,500.

    This profit target is the sum of all trades, both realized and unrealized, including swap charges and commissions. Once the profit target is hit, you will receive access to the remaining 75% of your trading budget. When you hit your profit target again, you are requested to close all running trades, and report to us, in order to get you to the next funding level.
  1. Stop Out Level
    Losses can occur at a certain level, we understand that. But we have to put a stop out level on it, in order to minimize risks. Once the FX trading account equity value is below this level, the fund will close all running trades automatically.

    This stop out level is fixed, and is set at each funding level. At a budget of £40,000 this means you can lose up to £500, meaning that your stop out level is £9,500, for both low risk traders and aggressive FX traders.
  1. Account Leverage
    With leverage you use a small sum of capital to gain a much larger exposure. In this way, it is possible to take larger trading positions, giving you extra possibilities. For aggressive FX traders, the maximum leverage is set at a ratio of 1:30, and low risk FX traders experience a maximum leverage ratio of 1:10.

    Basically, this means that as a starter, you are allowed to make trades of up to £400,000 with your £40,000 budget as a low-risk trader, and £1,200,000 as a high-risk trader.
  1. Maximum Stop Loss
    When you have successfully started trading, we both want to prevent any earnings that will be lost. Therefore, a maximum stop loss applies to certain programs. This maximum stop loss does not apply for aggressive traders, but low risk traders have a maximum stoploss of 1,5%. So, when you are trading £40,000, you can loose up to £600.
  1. Maximum Time Limit
    As we would like to see movement, and we want you to grow to higher tiers, resulting in larger investments and earnings, we need to maximize the time that is permitted to reach a certain profit target level. The maximum time only applies in the first level of the funding, and is set on 90 days. In future funding levels, there is no time limit.
  1. Next Funding Level
    When you reach your profit level, you will receive a capital of four times greater than your initial capital. Therefore, you will grow from a £40,000 account to a £160,000 account. For every next step, the upscaling growth is twice of the last initial capital.

    At Forex Traders UK, every account has a guaranteed maximum trading capital of £1,000,000. Our scaling plan allows our top-performing traders to grow. Having that said, a simple calculation shows that you can grow from a £40,000 account to a £1,000,000 in just 8 tiers, when you just show a constant profit of at least 10-30%. It’s as simple as that!

Forex Trading Support

At Forex Traders UK, we provide you with inhouse trader support, alongside with our online coaching sessions and FX trader courses. No FX trader gets left behind, and we are more than happy to support you to develop your trading skills. Every talent needs development, and you can benefit from the extensive experience we have in Forex Trading.

First of all, we help and advise you as a new trader on how to understand the trading tools we use, plus making plans to get the best use out of our service, and how build the most profit. Secondly, we frequently organize educational webinars on advanced FX trading related topics, where you can interact with well-known industry-leading traders. There is no better way than to learn from the best.

Join our Forex Trader Courses
When you want to enhance your skills bottom up, we have created two extensive courses where we thoroughly explain everything about Forex Trading.

In our Forex Trading fundamentals, you will learn all about Forex trading, managing your risks, and maximizing your profits. It is all about looking for the right opportunities, and knowing how to deal with them when you bank on one. In this fundamental course, you will understand that FX trading is an investment where you manage both the risks and the rewards.

In our comprehensive Forex Trading Video Course, you will get a clear introduction to more advanced methodologies of Forex Trading. You will see what tools you need to succeed as a FX trader. We have set out this course in a special sound flow to guarantee the best learning experience.

Start FX trading with Forex Traders UK!

What are you waiting for? Forex Traders UK is funding you with £1,000,000 of guaranteed capital when you prove to have excellent FX trading skills. Start with a budget of £10,000 to £70,000 and you can start the same day, regardless of your experience and history. You can show your Forex trading skills on the trading floor. Forex Trading with Forex Traders UK is risk-free as we cover your losses. Above all, you keep 50% of your profits, so basically it is a simple win-win situation. Start FX Trading without any capital with Forex Traders UK!


All our funded accounts come with a fixed equity stop out level. Once the account equity level gets below this fixed stop out bar, we will close all running trades and disable trading and access. The stop out level is a fixed value for each funding level, this means that any profit which has been made by the trader increases the loss allowance.

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