5 Top Forex Trading Podcasts To Check Out!

Knowledge is power, or so they say – and this is certainly the case in forex trading and for anyone who wants to turn their interest in currency pairs into a lucrative career.

The good news in this regard is that there’s a huge amount of information out there and a wealth of resources you can turn to that can help you cement your knowledge and develop your skills, giving you all the tools you need to stop seeing trading as a hobby and start seeing it as a profession.

Podcasts are incredibly popular these days and not without good reason. You can find a pod production for any and all topics under the sun – including forex trading!

Whether you’re just starting out as a trader or whether you’ve been doing it for years, it’s always useful to hear new perspectives, ideas and concepts and there’s always a lesson or two to be gleaned.

We’ve counted down some of the best and most interesting podcasts out there that focus on forex as a topic to help get you started. You may well come away with all sorts of strategies to consider and plans of attack for the next time you sit down to trade. Enjoy!


Desire To Trade

This is a great place to start for anyone new to trading and who is feeling a little overwhelmed with it all. Podcaster Etienne Crete is himself a forex trader and has been trading full time since 2017, so you can bet he knows his stuff and can help shine a light on the subject for you.

The podcast itself has been running since 2011 and there are hundreds of episodes to listen to, so it’ll keep you quite busy. It might be worth listening to a couple and seeing what lessons you can find to take away and apply to your trading, rather than sitting through lots of them all at once.

Too much information in a short space of time can mean you don’t really learn anything so take your time and trade alongside so you can apply your newly acquired knowledge and progress more effectively as a trader.

What’s particularly great about this podcast is that it’s designed to help people learn from the very beginning, covering all the basic concepts and trading psychology but at your own pace, so you can make sure you fully understand everything before you move on to the next episode.

Topics covered include great pieces of advice for new traders, how to make a living trading, risk management, professional trader secrets and lots, lots more. There are also lots of interviews with other professional traders so it really is an information goldmine that could prove particularly beneficial for you.


Chat With Traders

Chat with Traders is arguably the best and most well-known of all the trading podcasts and it’s a great one to choose for traders at all levels, so even if you have been doing it for a while you’ll likely find it of use.

It was set up by self-made entrepreneur Aaron Fifield and you can hear him on many of the episodes, but he recently departed the podcast arena and the series is now produced and co-hosted by Tessa Dao and Ian Cox (who’s been a trader for 27 years!).

Here, you’ll find loads of interviews with experienced traders, as well as those who are only at the start of their trading journey, so who knows what you’ll discover as you browse through the various episodes.

One of the most recent episodes features Jason Shapiro, a professional trader for 30 years, who explains how he finds his trading opportunities by monitoring weekly trader reports and keeping an eye on news events and media commentary.

If you’ve been feeling a little scattered with your thinking and as though you need some focus to guide you towards the path to success, this could be the podcast episode for you. It can be very easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with so much information that you need to digest and analyse in order to make good decisions… but this podcast could help you do just that.


The Trading Coach

Run by Akil Stokes, professional forex trader and one-time money manager and trading coach, the Trading Coach podcast features weekly episodes for you to tune in on, with topics covering everything from trading and investing to entrepreneurship and personal development.

There are an impressive 700 or so episodes so you certainly won’t be bored and you’re sure to find a fair few casts that speak to you and where you currently are as a trader.

If you head to Stokes’ YouTube channel or Twitter platform, you’ll find lots of charting lessons and trading tips, so that could prove useful as well but the podcast covers what you need to do for trading success in more depth… and you’re sure to find a few life lessons thrown in there for good measure, as well!

The expert puts particular emphasis on the psychology of trading, as well as how to adopt a growth mindset, the importance of health and fitness, and all the other aspects you’ll need to prioritise if you really want to make it as a successful trader.

This really is key to take on board for those who do want to turn trading into a career. It will be difficult to really see the wins you need to achieve this if you aren’t motivated and dedicated in other areas of your life.

It may be that you need to make a few lifestyle changes here and there, which can be tricky to accept… but these podcasts can definitely help you ask yourself the hard questions so you can grow as a person – and as a trader.


FX Talk

As we all know, keeping a close eye on the news and what’s happening around the world is pretty essential for trading, as currency fluctuations can be affected by all sorts of goings on.

If you’ve been struggling to get to grips with this aspect of trading, the FX Talk podcast could really help point you in the right direction, covering anything and everything about the global currency market.

It’s produced and presented by three financial market analysts/leading Bloomberg forecasters, so you know you can trust the information that’s being presented and use it to make the informed decisions you need to make as you trade.

Each episode is 20 minutes long, giving you quick financial market updates that are easily digestible. It might be a little difficult to get your head around at first but you’ll soon have the jargon down and you’ll soon see how you can take all this information and analyse it effectively to find new and potentially lucrative market opportunities.

The forex market is largely driven by macroeconomic factors and these will impact the decisions you need to make, since they’ll influence the value of currency at any one time.

A country’s economic health can change incredibly quickly based on what’s happening and current affairs, so keeping abreast of it is essential if you’re to make wise moves in forex… and this podcast series can certainly help you where this is concerned.


Two Blokes Trading

This particular podcast has more than 650,000 listeners tuning in on a regular basis, which suggests it could be a great one to check out. It will provide you with an in-depth look into the world of financial markets, covering everything from what makes someone an elite trader to why those new to the art consistently make the same mistakes.

All markets are analysed in this podcast, not just forex, so you’ll glean information on the likes of crypto, stocks, indices and commodities, as well… perfect if you’re looking to branch out into other areas or just want to further your knowledge as far as you can.

Not only that but the series also features some interesting interviews with some of the greatest investors and traders to have made a name for themselves playing the markets, which could also help you up your own game, finding out what their strategies are and what processes they focus on to help drive them onto success.

If you start from the very beginning, you’ll hear the origin story of the two blokes – Tom and Owen. You’ll hear about how they learned to trade and what a journey they’ve been on, although later on in the series you’ll be introduced to Brandon, another successful trader who ultimately takes over from Owen later down the line.


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